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Type ST Low Pressure Diaphragm Seals

M&G ST Series diaphragm seals are specifically designed to protect electronic transmitters, transducers, and low pressure gauges against process media damage in a wide range of process control and pipeline applications.

Designed for transmitter applications where closed systems require low sensitivity, the ST series offer superior accuracy where greater volumetric displacements are required. Type ST metal seals feature a continuous duty design that permits instrument removal or replacement while a system is in operation without causing leakage of the process media.

These seals include a metal diaphragm which is permanently welded to the seal’s instrument flange. The instrument or top flange and process or bottom flange are sealed with a non-asbestos aramid fiber gasket. Optional glass filled TEFLON® and TEFLON-coated stainless steel gaskets are also available.

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