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SOLFRUNT 1931 Solid Front Aluminum Case Pressure Gauge

Accuracy: ± (0.5 % FS)
Size: 4 ½” (114mm) or 6″ (152mm)
Wetted Parts:  316 Stainless Steel
Ranges: Vacuum – 30 to 0 “Hg VAC (counterclockwise rotation)
Compound – 30″Hg VAC to 100 psi
Pressure – 0 to 6000 psi
Weather Protection:  NEMA 4X / IP66

The SOLFRUNT 1931 process gauge is available in 4 ½” or 6” gauge sizes, with an aluminum back-flanged case for applications needing stem or wall mounting. The aluminum case has excellent safety and chemical resistance for harsh environments. These models are available with 316L SST, including a seamless bourdon tube in pressure ranges from Vacuum to 6000 psi.

The 4 ½” pressure gauge is available as a dry or liquid filled gauge with glycerin, silicone, mineral oil or fluorolube.  The liquid fill case provides NEMA 4X / IP66 weather protection.

Gauge Size: 4 ½" or 6"


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