• Safe, accident-proof design
  • Rugged, welded stainless steel construction
  • Maintenance-free – no need to be removed from service for cleaning

Our Alloy LevelSite® provides a reliable, accident-proof solution to your unique level measuring problems. Featuring rugged, welded stainless steel construction, the process media is completely isolated from the instrumentation and rotating flags, eliminating the danger of leaks or spills. Units are virtually maintenance free, and unlike traditional sight glasses do not need to be removed from service for cleaning. Large, easy to read flags can be viewed from over 100 feet away. Each LevelSite® is available in continuous lengths of up to 20 feet or multiple lengths of up to 65 feet. Our Alloy LevelSite® is suitable for use with oil, water, aggressive liquids in oil refineries, chemical process plants, and a wide variety of other industrial applications.


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