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Precision Control (Thailand) Ltd. has been developing and constructing many Solar Power Plants providing Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) and/or financing services to our customers.

Our experience includes:

Ground Solar Power Plant

Roof Top Solar Power Plant

Floating Solar Power Plant


We dedicate ourselves to provide our upmost services to all our valuable customers.

Global warming has caused climate patterns to change globally. In a bid to slow down global warming, there has been an increase in demand for alternative sources of energy. To play its part in providing sustainable energy, in 2007, PCT established the Solar Division and has since designed and built more than 219.0MW of solar power plants. PCT has established itself as one of the leaders as a Developer and EPC contractor and has also taken part in numerous events held by the Thailand Photovoltaic Associations (TPVA). With a research and development plant built in Saraburi, we are able to test multiple photovoltaic modules, inverters and structures to understand electrical and mechanical parameters and arrive at optimal system configurations. We can then use our experience gained at the site in our design of power plants that not only meets our customers’ requirements but also produces the optimal amount of electricity, thereby providing customer with a one-stop solution.

MW Constructed

Years of Experience

Ground Solar Power Plant

Precision Control (Thailand) provides unique solutions for Large Scale Ground Solar Power Plant. We have the experience and proven technology to help making owner investment to obtain maximum profits with minimum risk. Considering the complexity of Solar power plants and our many years involvement in the renewable energy business, we can confidently offer a one-stop solution for better system availability and maximum long-term energy yields, which include everything needed to efficiently distribute and manage locally generated solar energy, from PV panel DC output to the power grid connection. With the concept of land double usage, we can help Owner to design a Solar farm concurrently with the agriculture activities within the same land area so to bring more financial benefit and reduce ROI for the solar investment. And with our latest cost effective solar tracker technology, we can even further increase the energy yield and this male the solar power investment more feasible.

Rooftop Solar Power Plant

Rooftop Solar Power System is a power generation system that can be installed for residential houses, office building, factory building, car park roof, which the system will produce electricity for self-consumption in conjunction with the distribution system of electricity and helps to reduce monthly electricity bill effectively. Our past project experience enables us to define more accurate PV layout and system configuration for different roof condition in order to balance the investment cost and power consumption usage. Our control system design allow auto switching between the solar power and grid power ensure non-interruption of power supply with better cost control.

Floating Solar Power Plant

Floating solar is the next best alternative option for premises with large reservoir but limited ground and rooftop area. With our proven and certified floating platform for Solar installation and with correct engineering and design, floating solar can be proven to have a better energy yield compare with Roof top installation, and it will also reduce the cost of land development and premises safety and security.


Solar Battery Storage System

Solar Battery Storage System is designed to store any surplus energy produced from the Solar panels and usually work concurrently with Solar plant which used for self-consumption application example factor, shopping mall.

With Solar Battery Storage, it will ensure no power usage interruption during solar non-productive hour without rely on grid power, example raining and night time. Instead of simply supply of the battery storage system, we study and analyst the power usage pattern of the end user and propose a cost effective and reliable solution so as to justify the return of investment.

Designing of Solar Battery Storage is not just a hardware implementation but largely involve the required experience for the engineering aspect and this is what our value in it.



SCADA & HMI Monitoring System

Having more than 38 years of experience in Industrial Automation, Precision Control Thailand used its knowledge and experience to design and build customized SCADA systems to monitor the entire plant activities as well as tracking the daily generation of electricity from the solar power plants.

Having to advance and upgrade at every stage of our development, we have managed to configure 5 generations of monitoring systems for solar power plants. This is possible with the vast experience that we have garnered with our total installations of more then 180 MW at various plants with different PV panels and Inverter configurations.


Pyranometers & Weather Sensors

To obtain correct solar plant performance index require high accuracy weather sensors such as pyranometer, wind speed, panel temperature, ambient temperature etc. And with these sensors information will assist greatly in operation & maintenance of the solar plant and guarantee the optimum power production of the solar plant.

As a solar EPC, we understand the importance and critical of such sensors requirement, and we represent the best weather sensor design for solar plant facilities from Kipp & Zonen and Theodor, and even setup the pyranometer calibration system in our main office to ensure cost effective and speedy service to maintain the high accuracy of the pyranometer which is the main factor of solar plant performance measurement.




Kipp and Zonen Calibration Service

Regular calibration of all measurement equipment is the key to maintaining the original performance and accuracy of Kipp and Zonen products. Precision Control Thailand recommends calibration of ‘the sensitivity of out radiometers once every year and this is mandatory in Thailand industry standards.

Precision Control Thailand has been appointed by Kipp & Zonen as one of the authorized calibration center in South East Asia and the laboratory is controlled and certified by Kipp & Zonen through automated servers.

Automatic Panel Washing System

Our very own state-of-the-art automatic panel washing system that configure for your specific solar plant facility. To fulfil efficient operation and maintenance, PV panel washing is a important routine activity to ensure beat PV panel performance. However location such as high level rooftop will increase the maintenance labour cost, human fault in washing process and potential safety hazard.

As such, automatic panel washing system can be a better alternative solution compare with labour washing. With a slightly higher starting cost but can leverage the cost over many years, our programmable and water-free automatic washing machine can further protect and ensure the PV panels performance and life span.


Solar Water Treatment System

Solar water purification’ involves purifying water for drinking and household purposes through the usage of solar energy in many different ways. Using solar energy for water treatment has become more common as it is a usually low-technology solution that works to capture the heat and energy from the sun to make water cleaner and healthier for human use and consumption.

Solar water treatment is particularly beneficial for rural communities, as they do not have other forms of water purification infrastructure and more importantly, electricity to run such structures. The most positive feature about solar water purification is that there is no requirement of fuel. It’s precisely due to the lack of fuel that makes solar applications relatively superior than conventional sources of energy as it does not cause pollution (global warming, acid rain, ozone depletion) or health hazards associated with pollution.

Operations & Maintainence

Precision Control Customer Services Support Team is dedicated to a single goal: Provide the best possible service in products and our customers.

Precision Control Customer Service Support Team is qualified to service, maintain and support the proposed system/project throughout its life-cycle. Support can be provided 24 hour, 365 days a year on a contractual basis. With basic key function is to maintain and support the safety control systems, the scope of service can be extended to the analysis of operational data, incentives for improved safety and efficiency, design and technical consultancy as well as quality initiatives. Learn about our services that are available through one of our many certified service engineers.



Solar Products & Accessories

Precision Control (Thailand) Ltd. provides unique products & accessories for your Solar needs. We have a wide range of selection from PV Panels, Inverters, MC4 connectors, cables, batteries, etc.. We offer many international well known brands that are of superb quality. Click below or contact our sales staff for more information.