518, 526 Series

  • Original Shear-Seal® technology
  • Compact design
  • Non-interflow option
  • Spring return option
  • Multiple handle types
  • 2 or 3 position detent
  • Panel mount option

Barksdale's Microtorque® valve provides superior directional control for fluid power applications up to 6,000 psi where compact design and virtually zero leakage* are a must. Utilizing Barksdale's Shear-Seal® technology, the Microtorque® valve offers reliable performance and lapped metal-to-metal sealing surfaces that will easily tolerate contaminated fluids. This valve offers many options that make it extremely versatile including panel mounting, spring return, 2 or 3 position detents, DO3 manifold mounting, and non-interflow. Leveraging the flexibility and unique features of the Microtorque® valve, along with its superior performance, can result in bottom line savings and operational benefits for your customers.


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