Dual Ride Height Valve – 52334 Series (Atlas Valve)

  • Customizable second ride height
  • Shear-Seal® Technology provides superior performance and durability
  • High flow integral dump for simplified installation
  • Proportional flow reduces vehicle air consumption
  • Precise dead band optimizes ride height control
  • Dual outlet ports with bag cross talk control limits side to side interaction which improves cornering performance
  • Optional push-to-connect fittings ease installation
  • Remotely activated with air pressure / no electronics needed
  • Compact size / uses current Barksdale bolt pattern

The Atlas Valve, Series 52334, provides an array of functionality in addition to standard height control valve capabilities. Patent pending, Atlas valves are able to provide one of four additional functions for air suspension applications.  With actuation of an additional pilot signal, operator can raise or lower the suspension to a predetermined secondary height.  Other functions of shutting off flow in and out of the valve or secondary flow rate, which can be higher or lower than standard, can be incorporated with an auxiliary air pilot signal as well.  The remaining features of dump, metered flow, and “no truck breakdown” failure mode have been built-in from the existing 52341 Dump Valve Series.  With Shear-Seal® technology, Atlas provides the same high performance and reliability as the 52341 Dump Valve Series, which is designed to take on the most adverse and demanding road conditions.


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