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SOLFRUNT 1929 Low Pressure Gauge

Accuracy: ± (1 % FS)
Size: 4½” (114mm)
Wetted Parts:  316 Stainless Steel
Ranges: Vacuum – 60 to 0 “H2O VAC (counterclockwise rotation)
Compound – 60 “H2O VAC to 60 “H2O
Pressure – 0 to 10 psi

The SOLFRUNT 1929 low pressure process gauge has 316L SST wetted parts, including a diaghragm capsule for measruring very low inches of water pressure, from vacuum to 30” H2O through 0 to 200” H2O. The PET case is a solid front design for safety protection, with accuarcy of ± 1% of span (Grade 1A). Dials are avialbe in inches of H2O or psi, or metric versions.

The Model 1929 pressure gauge is available in the low mount ¼” or ½” NPT process connection. The pointer is knife edge to allow for precious readings of the pressure.

Gauge Size: 4 ½"


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