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ADJ – Adjustable Bimetallic Thermometer

The ADJ adjustable bimetallic thermometer includes a versatile case and stem that can be adjusted to almost any angle for easy viewing.

The head can be rotated 360º and the stem positioning moves over 180º. The industrial thermometer and temperature gauge are rugged and the preferred method to measure temperature in the process, offshore, power, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. The standard union connection is 1/2-14 NPT, but others are available.

The thermometers may be silicone filled for additional vibration dampening. A variety of lens materials are available including acrylic, polycarbonate, shatterproof and tempered glass. The standard stem diameter is .25″ and up to 42″ long. Other available stem sizes are .24″ (6 mm), .32″ (8 mm), and .375″ (9.52 mm).

Heavy Duty Gauge Sizes: 3″ and 5″

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