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PS-1020 Instrument

  • Complete load cell signal conditioner
  • Precise 10 VDC excitation supply for up to 4 load cells
  • Selectable 0–5, 0–10 VDC or 4–20 mA analog output
  • Independent zero and span adjustments
  • DIN rail “snap track” mounting
  • Internal load cell summing unit
  • Adjustable analog iltering
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PS-1020 transmitters are self-contained load cell signal conditioners designed around a precision analog instrumentation amplifier. Units are 24Vdc powered and provide a well regulated excitation supply for up to four 350 ohm bridge load cells. Simple configuration is accomplished using DIP switches and trim pots. Integral load cell summing eliminates the need for external junction boxes. Typical applications include bin or hopper conversion and ingredient inventory measurement systems. Standard ABS plastic, DIN rail design allows mounting close to the system transducers, thereby reducing installation costs. An integral 20-position terminal strip provides connections for up to four load cell transducers. All electrical connections are secured with screw terminals. BLH offers the PS-121, 24Vdc power supply (data sheet #12155), for PS-1020 operation


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