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Model 700-50R (50ft cable)

Key Features
– 50ft of 3/32” galvanized steel cable, 7×7 construction
– Cable meets MIL-DTL-83420 (Supersedes MIL-W-83420)
– Locking ratchet with automatic rewind
– Red powder coated steel housing
– Copper 100A grounding clip
– Maximum electrical resistance between end clamp and housing is 10 Ohms
– Compact and lightweight (5.5 lbs)

The 700-50R ROTA-REEL static grounding reel is the big brother of the 200-20R model.

This 50ft reel is a very popular choice for tanker trucks and refueling stations. The unit mounts easily to the truck’s frame or inside the pump box. Even with 50ft of stored cable, this is still a very compact and lightweight static grounding reel.

Learn more about our static grounding reels in the retractable static grounding reels catalog.

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