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Power Cord Reel – 7.5in reel, 10ft cable (DuraReel)

Key Features
– Two color options: black (non-antimicrobial) and white/gray (antimicrobial)
– White/gray housing is molded with a permanent antimicrobial additive to continually protect the cord reel from mold, mildew and odor.
– ETL certified to UL 355 and UL 60601-1.  Compliant to IEC 60601-1
– Durable high-impact plastic case
– Threaded inserts for easy mounting, optional mounting bracket available
– International cord and plug options available
– Automatic pawl and ratchet locks cord in place
– Retractable cord length 10’ standard.  Up to 15’ length available with smaller wire size
– Swivel mount available for walls and ceilings

Our DuraReel plastic power cord reel is ideal for use in applications where the cord reel will be mounted in a visible location and an aesthetic appearance is highly valued.

The surface of the DureReel is sleek, smooth and easy to clean.  The reel is beautifully engineered to provide an attractive and aesthetically pleasing cable management solution while being designed and tested to the same durability and reliability standards as our metal cord reels.

This power cord reel is molded with a high quality impact-resistant plastic housing which means that it can take a beating and still keep on reeling.

Select from our list of standard 7.5” DuraReel power cord reels or contact our sales department to configure your custom reel today.

Learn more about our medical grade power cord reels in our catalog or see the 7.5" cord reel Selection Guide below for more information about specific models.

Medical Grade Power Cords Selection Guide

Request more information to see how we can help you with a power cord reel that suits your need.


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