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Custom OEM Data Cable Reels

Our family of retractable data cable reels is always growing and the number of requests we receive for custom reels grows right along with it.

From temporary workstations to full-scale building upgrades, IT professionals the world over are looking for better data cable management solutions.

Hunter Spring’s engineering team specializes in delivering customized cable reel solutions to OEMs, IT professionals and DIYs in a quick and cost effective manner.

Our engineers can assist you from the prototype stage, though the certification process, and into full scale production.

We have a variety of standard spool sizes, housings and mounting techniques to choose from but we never shy away from a new challenge.

We typically work with wire sizes from 30AWG to 12AWG and with cable lengths from 6’ up to 100’.

Whether you need a compact cord reel, an open cord reel with no housing, custom mounting brackets, special cable or unique terminations we can build the reel you need!

Contact our sales department to configure your custom reel today.

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