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Power Cord Reel – 9in reel, 25ft cable

Key Features
– UL 355 recognized
– Powder coated steel case
– International cord and plug options available
– Cord locks in place at any location.  A single tug of the cable unlocks the cable.
– 10A cord reel rating with 16/3 SJT cable.  13A cord reel rating with 14/3 SJT
– Swivel mount available for walls and ceilings

The 9” cord reel is our biggest cord reel platform and is provided with a high quality steel case for industrial applications.

The special pawl and ratchet mechanism allows the user to pull the cable to any length and the cable will automatically lock in place.

A single tug unlocks the reel for a smooth cable return.  The standard cable used for this reel is 25 feet of 16/3 SJT or 15 feet of 14/3 SJT.

Select from our list of standard 9” power cord reels or contact our sales department to configure your custom reel today.

Learn more about our medical grade power cord reels in our catalog or see the 9" cord reel Selection Guide below for more information about specific models.

General Purpose Power Cords Selection Guide

Request more information to see how we can help you with a static grounding reel that suits your need.


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