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675 Shark Cage Submersible Level Transmitters

AMETEK’s Model 675 Shark Cage submersible hydrostatic level transmitter is ideal for hazardous locations with highly vicious agitated media that require intrinsic safety. This unit is made of 316 Stainless Steel and weighs over 7 pounds for the most turbulent applications, including lift stations, process sumps, sludge tanks, wet wells, and many other industrial wastewater and municipal water/wastewater processes. The Model 675 uses a 3.5 inch flush diaphragm to prevent unwanted clogging of the sensing area. The non-fouling flush diaphragm and Shark Cage assembly are designed to eliminate unwanted buildup of debris, fats, oils, greases, and other bio-solids by eliminating any potential gaps on the measurement area.

Level can be measured from 0-6 psi (13.8 feet of water) up to 0-60 psi (138 feet of water) with the Model 675. The power supply is 12-40 VDC, but limited to 28 VDC for IS applications, and provides an output signal of 4-20 ma. All Model 675 level transmitters are equipped with a sealed cable termination area and moisture absorbing desiccant canister to help prevent moisture from entering the transmitter through the cable vent.

The 675 submersible level transmitter is manufactured in the USA.

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