1995L Series Micro-Set with LDT Input

The Gemco 1995L Series Micro-Set programmable limit switch (PLS) with LDT input is designed for use in linear machine control applications. It incorporates many features for safe, efficient machine automation.

This completely self-contained PLS can turn up to 30 independent outputs on or off based on the position of a linear displacement transducer or feedback from other analog devices such as pressure transducers, potentiometers, etc. It offers 0-10 VDC input with a built-in power supply for feed to a linear displacement transducer.

Other input voltages are available for use with other devices.

• 12-Bit Analog Input
• Large ¾” LED Display with Keypad Programming
• 6 Mechanical Relay Outputs – Expandable to 30 Outputs in groups of 6
• Motion Detect and Fault Check Outputs
• Multi-Program – Optional
• Reset to Preset – Optional


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