1996 Series

The 1996 Series Ram-Set™ Press Shut Height Controller is a dedicated stand-alone system which automatically positions the press shut height to a customer predetermined location. By consistently repositioning the shut height to a known “good” value each time a die is changed, hit-to-hit times will be greatly reduced, thus saving scrap and time. Other features include relays to interface existing ram adjust up/down motor starters as well as run/interlock circuitry. An additional relay monitors the shut height position once it has been driven to a “good” value. The relay stays energized as long as the shut height stays within a programmed +/- window around the setpoint. If the slide “drifts” to an unacceptable value the relay will de-energize, which could be used to stop the press.

The Ram-Set allows you to automate the shut height adjustment process. Once the shut height has been determined, the information can be stored in the Ram-Set’s non-volatile memory under a die code number. Simply enter the code and the shut height motor is activated, automatically setting the
exact shut height for that die.

• Automatic and Manual Mode
• Reliable Nonvolatile Memory
• Press Run/Interlock Relay
• Slide Gap Interlock
• Motion Sensing
• Slide Drift Indication
• Electronic Overtravel Limits
• Easy Keypad Data Entry
• Allows Entry of Up to 500 Die Numbers/Shut Height Values
• Self Diagnostics and Fault Code Display
• Keylock Security
• For Use on Single and Double Action Presses
• Large LED Display
• Serial Communication
• Absolute Linear Position Feedback to .001″


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