1970 Series Drive-Chek Base Multi-purpose Sub Base

The 1970 Series Drive-Chek is a multi-purpose sub base. It serves three purposes; namely, a broken chain or belt detector, a chain or belt tensioner, and a shock and vibration isolator, and is mounted under a chain or belt driven mechanism.

Each Drive-Chek unit is provided with a Gemco indicator switch that indicates when a drive belt or chain failure has occurred. Shock and vibration from the machine to the hinge plate of the Drive-Chek unit are dampened by coil springs on one end of the hinge plate and an elastomeric support on the other end. The springs also maintain a constant tension in the drive belt or chain.

Drive-Chek is of rugged welded construction and is painted to prevent corrosion. The drive chain or belt can be attached to the mechanism being driven from either above or below the Drive-Chek base.

Offers engineering protection from
• Broken Drive Chains
• Vibration
• Loose Drive Chains
• Shock damage


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