950IS Series Linear Position Sensor

The Gemco 950IS Linear Displacement Transducer (LDT) is an intrinsically safe analog system. It uses a remote transmitter mounted in a safe area wired through intrinsically safe barriers to the LDT, which may be mounted in a hazardous area. The term ‘Intrinsically Safe’ pertains to a device’s inability to produce an electrical spark of enough significance to cause ignition. This system incorporates circuitry that is U.L. listed for use in Class I, Groups C and D, Class II, Groups E, F and G, and Class III hazardous locations.

• Output – 0 to 10 VDC or 4 to 20mA
• Linearity – .01”
• Repeatability – +/- 0.01% of Full Stroke
• Span Length – 1” to 300”
• Connectors – 2 Pin 12mm
• Enclosure – IP65


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