1983 Series Opto-Cam Rotating Cam Limit Switch

By using a photo eye to optically actuate the 1983 Series Opto-Cam Rotating Limit Switch is ideal for applications requiring high speed positioning, up to 3600 RPM, where a mechanical switch would not be able to function.

The 1983 Series Opto-Cam has 2-40 circuit rotating cam limit switch assemblies with NEMA 1, 4, 7, and 12 enclosures. It has AC and DC outputs with 3-amp plug-in opto 22 outputs. Also, a 3″ micro-adjust cam for precision settings from 1° to 359°.

• Solid-State AC or DC outputs
• Precision Cam adjustment at any angular position of the Camshaft
• Speeds from 0 to 3,600 RPM in either direction
• No special Cams required for any contact setting from 4° to 356°
• No tools required to adjust Cam setting
• Accurate repeatability

• Straight Drive and Right Angle Gear Reducers
• Double Ended Shafts
• Special shaft extension and keyway


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