Electro-Thrust Industrial Brakes

The Electro-Thrust Series Shoe Brakes have AISE sizes range from 8″ in diameter up to 30″ diameter wheels. Torque values range from 100 foot-pounds to 9,000 ft./lbs.

The brakes are spring set for fail-safe operation with an electro-hydraulic actuator that overcomes a setting spring and releases the brake. The actuator is stroked by means of applying power, either AC or DC, to an integral motor attached to a twin cavity housing. The housing is filled with fluid and as the motor spins it creates fluid motion. As the fluid travels through the housing it applies upward pressure to a piston that overcomes the setting spring to release the brake.

Cutting power to the motor reverses this function and the spring then gently sets the brake. This inherent cushion effect is desirable for many brake applications.

Rugged construction makes this brake suitable for steel mill cranes, container cranes, stacker reclaimers, lock and dam gates, and other heavy-duty applications.

• Spring Applied, Electrically Released
• AISE Rated
• 6”to 30” Diameters
• 60-9000 lbs./ft. Torque
• AC or DC Actuators
• Self-Centering
• Multiple Voltage Inputs
• External Torque Springs
• Asbestos Free Linings
• Set Delay Valve
• Adjustable Setting Time
• Stainless Steel Pivot Pins

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