1992 Series Press Set

The 1992 Series Press-Set is a resolver-based system designed specifically for harsh pressroom environments. With its “ready-to-serve” menu, the Press-Set reduces setup time and scrap and tooling damage while increasing uptime and improving profits and efficiency.

The 1992 Series Automation Controller is designed as a modular system that allows you to select features and options to reach the level of automation your processes require. It includes a 16 channel programmable limit switch and 12 programmable and 3 static die protection inputs. The programming features allow the unit it interfaces with feeders, tonnage monitor, lubricators and part transfer equipment.

• 12-Bit Input – Single Turn Input
• Large ¾”LED Display of Position & 2 x 24 LCD Display with Keypad Programming
• 16 Relay Outputs
• 12 Programmable Die Protection Inputs
• Motion Detect
• Multi-Program
• Time-Based output
• Linear Speed Compensation
• 3 Counters – Stroke, Batch and Total


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