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SST Submersible Level Transmitter

The Model SST Submersible Level Transmitters measures hydrostatic pressure to continuously provide level readings of your tank, well, pond, etc. The SST Slimline has a narrow body with a 0.69 diameter housing to fit in small bore systems or in stilling wells/pipes. This level sensor is light weight too, so it works great in deep well applications.

The Model SST is easy to install, just lower the transmitter into the vessel or well and power it up. All electronics are mounted in a submersible 316L SST housing. The unit has a 4-20 mA output.

The transmitter is available calibrated for any span needed, from 0 to 15 psi or 0 to 1 bar (0 to 34 feet or 0 to 10.5 meters of water) to 0 to 150 psi or 0 to 10 bar (0 to 345 feet or 0 to 105 meters of water).

The SST is manufactured in the USA.

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