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SUV-E UVE Radiometer

• For monitoring of UVE irradiance and UV Index
• Excellent directional response
• Accurate temperature correction
• Extremely low power consumption
• RS-485 Modbus® RTU digital output
• 0 to 1 V analog output

SUV-E UVE Radiometer

SUV-E is designed and optimized for the measurement outdoors of solar radiation with the same response as a ‘standard’ human skin for susceptibility to damage from sunburn.

This ‘Erythemal’ response is defined by ISO 17166:1999 and CIE S 007/E-1998. From the value of ‘Erythemal’ UV irradiance the Global Solar UV Index can be simply calculated.

UV Index = UVE (W/m2) x 40 m2/W. For example, 0.3 W/m2 of UVE irradiance is equivalent to UV Index 12.

The innovative quartz diffuser provides improved directional response over the CUV5 and SUV5 models and the temperature correction is more accurate. The precision quartz dome is the same as used in our CMP and SMP 22 pyranometers. Unlike SUV5, the SUV-E is only available with a 0 to 1 V analog signal output; there is no 4-20 mA version.

UVE is typically made up of about 17% UVA and 83% UVB  for a clear sky around solar noon and it:

is strongly affected by the concentration of ozone high in the atmosphere, ‘holes in the ozone layer’
is considered a strong risk factor for skin cancers and cataracts
is found in man-made sources of UVC radiation (mercury lamps, welding torches)
is used to calculate the UV Index for public health information

SUV-E can typically measure the daily total of UVE irradiance with an uncertainty of 5%.

A data file is supplied with the individually measured spectral response and a matrix of correction factors for variations in the solar zenith angle (air mass) and the atmospheric total ozone column. These can be used to reduce the measurement uncertainty.


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