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UV Stability Kit and Precision Power Supply

UV Stability Kit and Precision Power Supply

Regular use of the stability kit is recommended to check that the UV response is stable. This is very important to correctly report UVA, UVB and UVE irradiances in W/m2 and UV Index values. The kit is not required for Ozone and Sulphur Dioxide measurements, which are ratiometric in nature.

The UV Stability Kit is a source of irradiance to routinely check the stability of the spectral response of a Brewer spectrophotometer. The kit replicates the factory UV calibration method, but at a lower level of accuracy and is not a calibration standard. Ideally, it should be powered from a separate AC outlet, rather than the Brewer accessory power output cable.

A foam-lined aluminium carry case contains a baffled calibrator housing fitted with a 200 W quartz halogen lamp mounted in a special adapter for accurate optical alignment. Two additional lamps in adapters are provided. All the lamps are pre-aged, and have individual identification numbers.

A spacer assembly with light curtain ensures that the calibration lamp is at the correct distance from the Brewer input optics. A bench-type power supply with keyboard and display provides very stable DC voltage and current to the lamp with programmable ramp time and cooling time.

It is important to mention that this UV Stability Kit has much superior characteristics to the earlier model with handheld meter, which is no longer available.

This is achieved by using a more massive lamp housing with built-in ventilation to keep the temperature inside the lamp housing stable during the measurement process, higher quality and more powerful lamp, precision optical alignment, and a far better power supply.

These improvements allow the Brewer UV measurement stability to be checked within ± 2 % of the factory calibration that uses traceable 1000 W calibration lamps.

The UV Stability Kit is portable and can be easy assembled and ready to operate in a few minutes. It can be used indoors or outdoors (in dry condition with little wind).

The UV Stability Kit and Precision Power Supply can be used with all models of Brewer; MkII, MkIII and MkIV, except for a few early examples that were not fitted with the dome and diffuser for global UV radiation measurements.


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