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LOGBOX SE Data Logger

  • 4 differential and 4 single-ended analogue inputs, 4 digital inputs
  • Connect up to 8 compatible Modbus® devices
  • 4G LTE modem with external antenna
  • Send data to an e-mail address or FTP server 

LOGBOX SE Data Logger

LOGBOX SE is a data logger with analogue, digital and Modbus® inputs that allow connection to multiple instruments at the same time. Each input can convert measured values into engineering units. The data is stored on a SD memory card; 512 MB is included as standard but it can be expanded to 4 GB.

Collecting meteorological parameters is a combination of a measuring instrument, such as a pyranometer, and a data logger. However, the logger performance should not degrade the measurements made by the instrument. LOGBOX SE is an ideal data logger for many applications in solar energy, meteorology, climatology, hydrology and agronomy.

The low-level milli-volt outputs of our passive instruments require accurate analogue-to-digital conversion and the four 24-bit high resolution differential analogue inputs of LOGBOX SE can easily be configured for these and they can also be used for the Pt-100 temperature sensors fitted to some of our models. The four 12-bit single-ended analogue inputs are normally used for instruments with amplified outputs, and for 10K thermistor temperature sensors. Two 10k Ω and one 100 Ω precision resistors are included for NTC or Pt100 temperature measurements.

Four digital inputs are available for measuring time or frequency, or as counter inputs. These can be used to measure the fan speed of our ventilation units or to integrate sunshine duration from the CSD3. A Modbus® enabled RS-485 serial input port allows the logging of data from up to eight of our Smart radiometers, including SMPSHPSGR and SUV models. The RT1DustIQLufft WS-UMB all-in-one weather stations and the Ingenieurbüro Mencke & Tegtmeyer (IMT) Modbus® silicon sensor are also compatible. The Smart Hub and Smart Powered Hub are ideal for connecting multiple Modbus® devices to the LOGBOX SE and powering them.

LOGBOX SE has an IP 65 weatherproof enclosure and a wide operating temperature range, from -40°C to +60°C. The state of the art design consumes so little power that it can run for weeks on the six internal AA type batteries. A wide range of DC power sources can be used and the logger can manage the power from a solar panel and charge an external battery. These features  allow for months of unattended operation in remote locations.

LOGBOX SE is supplied with Windows™ software to make configuration and data download fast and simple, using RS-232 serial communication or the internal USB port. Input channels are programmed by selecting a voltage range and defining the calculation to convert measurements to engineering unit values, including polynomial functions. The data logger programme is held in non-volatile internal memory.

The measurement interval (sampling rate) can be down to 1 second. The logging interval can also be down to 1 second, but is typically 1 minute and usually includes the average, minimum, maximum and standard deviation of the measurement values. LOGBOX SE is compatible with the requirements of the Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN).

The original LOGBOX SE has an internal GSM/GPRS quad-band 2G modem with external antenna. For 2019 a 4G LTE modem has been fitted that accepts a full size SIM card and can send the logged data at a selectable interval, from 0.1 to 24 hours, to a designated e-mail address or FTP server. LOGBOX SE has a battery-backed real-time clock and this can be synchronised daily with a time server, if the data service supports it. The logger is supplied with a mounting bracket and clamps for fixing to poles up to 50 mm diameter.


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