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LAS MkII ET System

• Complete solution

• Field-scale observations

• Easy to install

• Low maintenance

LAS MkII ET System

The LAS MkII Evapo-Transpiration (ET) system is a complete solution for monitoring the energy balance within the boundary layer. The system comprises a LAS MkII scintillometer, net radiation sensor, meteorological sensors, data acquisition, and has several telemetry and power supply options.

It is specifically designed for field scale observations of the path average energy fluxes using the scintillometry technique.

Our EVATION® software suite is included as standard to view real-time data numerically and graphically as well as advanced data post-processing. Evation reads the ET system measurement data, but can also use files from from other types of data acquisition systems.

All the instruments and equipment of the LAS MkII ET system are selected and designed to offer easy installation and low maintenance operation.

For a full overview of the available configurations and options, please contact us using the Request Information button.


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