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POM-02 Sky Radiometer

  • Extended near infrared range
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Ideal for ground-thruthing satellite data

POM-02 Sky Radiometer

POM-02 has all the features of the POM-01. But with extended waveband ranges into the near infrared. There is growing interest in monitoring aerosols of larger size and this requires measurement at longer wavelengths.

In addition to the optical system with silicon photo-diode detector of the POM-01, the POM-02 sky radiometer has a second optical system with an Indium Gallium Arsenide infrared detector. The filter wheel has 11 wavebands, providing measurements to 2200 nm. It also has additional UV channels.

POM-02 must be connected to a PC running the operating software in order to make measurements and store data and like the POM-01 data can be post-processed using the SKYRAD.pack software from SKYNET. Maintenance is minimal; consisting of regular cleaning of the optical windows and checking the desiccant in the radiometer.


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