Wind Direction, Heavy Duty Design

Wind Direction Sensor; heavy duty design with CNC-manufactured metal housing (seawater resistant aluminium alloy Al Mg  Si 1, black anodized). Special rugged design with improved dynamic features  basing on high precision bearings and optimised balancing.

This sensor is designed for the acquisition and electronic transmission of wind direction data. It is suitable for applications in the field of meteorology and environmental monitoring, e. g. for automatic weather stations, at airports, on research vessels, at industrial sites, for mobile measuring systems etc..

The instrument’s rugged construction and its dust- and water repellent surface, as well as the optional high performance heating enable heavy duty applications like wind energy measurement or operation under severe climatic conditions.

Thanks to various simultaneously usable outputs and further options there is a wide range of measuring tasks (refer to “Variations”).

When moving the wind vane, the wheel of the angular encoder is turned so that, depending on the wind direction, a corresponding digital signal is supplied. The subsequent electronic circuitry converts this signal to a serial output, resp. to additional analog signals (refer to "Technical Specifications"). The serial data output (TTL) corresponds an RS 232 structure, with 600 Bd, 8 bit, 1 start bit, 2 stop bit, no parity bit.


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