Outboardthermometer (Navy Bucket)

The outboard-thermometer serves for the measurement of water temperature and for extraction of water samples on board of ships.

The water vessel is a thick walled brass cylinder with an upper and a lower flange of red brass Rg 5. Two layouts for the upper part are possible: with and without spout. The sea water-proof and oil-proof rubber barrel is manufactured so as to dampen occasional bumps against the side of the ship. The outer thermometer-protecting tube with scale display is manufactured out of brass. It is hard soldered into the upper casting. The design of the scale display enables correct reading of the  whole temperature range from –10…+40 °C.

The terminal is again an Rg 5-casting, which fits onto the thermometer-protecting tube. For fixation a cylindrical pin is inserted into the terminal and the tube. This pin is located below the rubber-ring in order not to get lost. Only after having removed this ring the pin may be drawn out. All mentioned brass and red brass parts are dull chrome plated warranting a better protection against corrosion.

A thermometer filled with coloured petroleum is used.

The measuring range extends from –10…+40 °C with a scale division of 0.5 °C. If desired, a finer graduation-reducing the measuring range-may be provided (special layout). Each thermometer can be delivered with an official test certificate (extra price). The thermometer is kept in its position through an upper and a lower rubber socket in the interior of the plastic tube. This tube is easily inserted into the outer tube in such a way, that their scale displays coincide. Due to the fact that the plastic tube reaches down very close to the bottom of the water vessel, it is achieved that the filling water flows necessarily past at the bottom of the thermometer and a well-mixed and hence uniform-temperature condition of the water sample is obtained.


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