Hellmann Rain Gauge, German Meteorological Service Design

This instrument in its present design – as used by the German Meteorological Service – features a receiving area of 200 cm2 conforming to DIN 58666 specifications and serves for measuring precipitation.
It must be distinguished between two models:
Type 7021.0000 is used as a rain gauge, only – and Type 7021.2000 serves for measuring liquid and frozen precipitation, i.e. rain as well as snow, hail etc..
The unit consists of a top and bottom part, made of stainless steel. A collecting vessel, a measuring cylinder and a mounting support are included. Type 7021.2000 is supplied with two upper parts and two base parts, two collecting vessels as well two cross-shaped snow inserts, preventing snow from being blown out of the top part of the instrument. Also a flat lid for covering the receiving area is attached.


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