• Digital readout with 1º resolution.
  • Heavily gold plated selector switch for long life, trouble-free operation.
  • Fits existing cutouts and mounting holes of other popular pyrometers.
  • No compensation for lead lengths or lead resistances required. Use inexpensive small gauge thermocouple extension wire to save cost and space.
  • Fully gasketed; rugged construction.
  • Readout unaffected by power line noise and spikes.
  • Continuous readout.

18-channel temperature indicator accepts grounded and ungrounded thermocouples of the same type, depending on the model. Integral cold junction compensation.

Some versions accept all 100 ohm platinum RTDs.

Not intrinsically safe. Uses 24 Vdc power.

A customer service representative will contact you to discuss thermocouple/RTD options, material, length, and diameter of leads.


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