Multiple Thread Sizes and Lengths
Active (Powered) - Hazardous Area
Zero Speed Hall-Effect Sensors

This hall-effect sensor is ATEX and IECEx approved for use in hazardous areas: Ex mb (Zone 1, 2) and Ex ia (Zone 0, 1, 2). It is designed to sense ferrous material (gear teeth, hole, pin, etc.) for speed measurement down to zero-speed. The sensor outputs are TTL and Vin-based and are compatible with most PLC input cards. M920 has multiple thread sizes of UNF2A and M (metric) type, and thread lengths from 1.875” to 6”.

The 300 series stainless steel housing is fully potted with hazardous area rated epoxy resin with no air gap inside, which makes it a reliable, robust and absolutely safe for use in hazardous areas.


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