LCp-400 Gate-Weigh LAN Controller

  • Single port communication interface for multiple transmitters/indicators
  • Constant update and storage of node data eliminates polling/response delay time
  • Modbus Plus or RTU protocol and Allen-Bradley Remote I/O
  • Self-coniguring BLH Nobel Digi-System Plus Network
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The LCp-400 Gate-Weigh is a multi-scale local area network controller and communication gateway. This network bridge device uses BLH Nobel Digi-System Plus network communication technology to continuously scan up to 16 weigh system nodes and is equipped with an Allen-Bradley Remote I/O or Modbus Plus network port output. The LCp-400 is also available with a conventional MODBUS RTU serial output. BLH Nobel Digi-System Plus network is a self configuring, enhanced RS-485 based communication link that operates at a rate of 57.6 Kbps over distances of up to 4000 ft. Operationally, the LCp-400 scans each node on the network continuously and updates internal register locations with current weigh, diagnostics and status data. Through the gateway port, a host PLC, PC or DCS can perform read/write commands to retrieve data without polling and response delays typical in other multi-drop network arrangements. In addition to the network communication and gateway functions, the LCp-400 is also a centralized scanning terminal that displays weight & status information from any node on the network. Currently, the LCp-400 Digi-System Plus network is compatible with the LCp-100 Indicator/Transmitter, LCp-200 Indicator Controller, DXp-40 Transmitter, and PS-2010 Controllers. Applications: Plant-wide weigh system LAN Controller 16 system interface with PLC or DCS systems


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