C2G1-H Canister

  • Operational to 400°F
  • Compact – rugged
  • Low deflection
  • Environmentally sealed
  • 20 000 to 200 000 pound capacities

C2G1-H load cells operate at temperatures up to 400&deg,F without needing external cooling. Ability to withstand extreme heat makes C2G1-H cells the perfect choice for weighing molten metals. Other applications include tank and scale installations in locations that are subject to intense heat. Double diaphragm fabrication and gage linearizing combine to offer precision performance and long term reliability. Low deflection and superior sealing guarantee trouble-free operation. Relatively low mass and small deflection under load, produce excellent frequency response. Overall, C2G1-H cells perform superbly in severe environments where other transducers cannot.


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