KDH-5 Weigh Module

  • Easy installation
  • No extra mounting detail is needed
  • Movable load point
  • Compact and robust
  • Allow movement caused by thermal expansion
  • FM, ATEX and IECEx certified for hazardous locations

The KDH-5 weigh module combines high accuracy with a compact and robust mechanical arrangement. The sensing element consists of three sections. The two outer constitute supports and rests on the built-in block, which is secured to the base. On the middle section, which is the load sensing part, there is a yoke to which the leg of a tank or similar is secured. The sensor is efficiently locked so that it cannot twist in the built-in block. The KDH-5 design is non-sensitive to side loads and the design of the module makes it easy to remove the load cell at e.g. dummy installation during assembly of the vessel to be weighed.


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