FMU Tension Measurement Module

  • Measure full resultant web tension force
  • Superior accuracy for heavy rolls with small wrap angles
  • Low proile—minimal change in line proile when retroitting existing equipment
  • Units customized to it existing applications—no reconstruction and adaptors required

FMU applications include all zones on paper processing machines and steel mill strip tension equipment. Each FMU consists of two precision load cells, a load plate that carries the pillow block, and a base plate that mounts to the machine support. The unique design of the FMU allows measurement of the resultant web tension force without the need to mount the entire assembly on a sloped support. Because the load cells are cylindrical, they can be rotated to measure in the direction of the exactresultant force. Measuring the resultant force rather than a vertical or horizontal component assures the highest possible accuracy and eliminates wrap angle restrictions. Tension signals from the FMU feed directly into a web tension transmitter which provides load cell excitation and a communication interface for the host PLC/DCS system. Whether you are using standard products or customized solutions, our highly skilled system engineers, service technicians, and lexible production sites can meet your demands with a high level of professionalism.


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