CLC Load Cell

  • Capacity 250-2000 kN
  • Other capacities on request
  • Very low profile
  • High long-term stability and repeatability
  • Operating temperature range -40 to +80°C (+125°C with optional Teflon Cable)
  • 10m special cable. Option: Load cell with connector
  • Yellow chromate steel
  • Protection class IP67
  • Load Cell can be customized to a large variety in dimensions and capacities
  • Customized adaptor plates and other mounting assemblies on request

The model CLC is a very low profile load cell, working according to the shear force principle (no membrane), ideally suited for applications in harsh environments. Due to the special design, the CLC load cell is insensitive against side loading and other interfering effects. Because of the high operating temperature range of -40 up to +125°C, the CLC load cell is suitable for use in steel mills and foundries. Due to the high repeatability and high long-term stability, the load cell supplies very good results, even after perennial use. Protection class IP67 gives an excellent protection against dust and moisture.


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