• Inputs: Senses signal frequency from magnetic pickup or AC signal generator.
  • Outputs: Three relays (speed setpoints) and one 0-1 mA proportional DC output.
  • Field-programmable: Four DIP switches provide a variety of frequency input and overspeed relay logic configurations. Also three trim potentiometers to adjust setpoint range, and one potentiometer to adjust the proportional output.
  • Circuit: High-reliability. Virtually immune to electrical and RFI noise.
  • Test/Verify: Permits testing without overspeeding.
  • Case: Sealed and gasketed.

The SW-200B provides reliable engine overspeed protection. It has three adjustable relay setpoints: number one is overspeed. Uses for the two auxiliaries include crank disconnect, generator field-flashing, and speed monitoring. Setpoints are field-programmable and can be tested without overspeeding. Housing is gasketed and sealed.


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