TT-100™ Dynalco Tach Tape is a strip of flexible magnetic polymer backed with a pressure sensitive adhesive. This adhesive adheres to a wide variety of surfaces, including most plastics and metals.

Because of its unique magnetization and arrangement of slots, a series of alternate magnetic poles is generated along the length of the tape. A Dynalco magnetic pickup becomes activated when placed perpendicular to the moving tape surface.

Figure 1 (next page) demonstrates that the Tach Tape performance is better than an 8-pitch gear when the air gap is larger than 0.050 inch (0.127 cm). This is especially welcome in cases where a small air gap is difficult to maintain, or space is too restricted to install split gears.

"-1" tapped for 5/8x18 thread
"-2" tapped for 3/4x20 thread

The PG-100 generates 60 pulses per revolution from an integral magnetic pickup (not included). It mounts directly on 0.50 to 1.25 inch (1.27 to 3.18 cm) diameter shafts using a removable taper lock bushing. The signal feeds directly into meters, speed switches, etc. No external power is required. Useful when an external gear is not available.


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