MicroPOS-4 Instrument

  • 2 individual servo channels
  • Analog inputs: Position transducer 0–10 V and pressure/force transducer ±25 mV
  • Analog outputs: ±10 V
  • ±100
  • ±50 or 20 mA
  • Updating frequency: 200 Hz
  • Modbus communication by RS-485
  • Power supply: 24 VDC
  • Compact installation on DIN rail
  • CE marking, meets EMC and LVD

MicroPOS 4 is a digital servo unit, suitable for very accurate positioning of two separate electrohydraulic actuators with position transducers. Together with load cells or pressure transducers, microPOS 4 forms a strong unit for accurate reglation to set force values or pressure values. MicroPOS 4 utilises bus communication via MODBUS-RTU, resulting in rapid and safe data transmission, and the possibility to have several servo units connected to a master control system by a common cable. A separate communication port is used for setting of servo parameters by a computer with terminal programme. MicroPOS 4 handles two servo channels in position, force or pressure control. Set values for the servos are transmitted from the master control system and compared to feedback values, measured by position transducers or load cells. Parameters in the servo unit are used to control maximum speed, acceleration, and working range for the servo channels. Inputs and outputs of the servo unit can be programmed for different functions like: commanded stop, service, .In position., alarm from the internal function check. MicroPOS 4 will save all set parameter values in an internal memory, even after a power failure. MicroPOS 4 is a compact unit, designed for installation on a DIN rail. Connection via plug-in screw terminals.


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