625 Precision Calibrator

  • Accurate to 0.05% of reading
  • Precisely calibrates full bridge strain gage and transducer instrumentation
  • Five ranges – 55 calibration points
  • Test/confirm instrument peak/valley, auto tare, and auto zero circuitry+R83

The Model 625 Precision Calibrator is a compact, high-accuracy, portable resistance network specifically designed to simulate the output of full bridge strain gage type transducers. Through the use of a highly stable resistance network, the calibrator provides an accurate method of simulating a 120-ohm or 350-ohm transducer system. This circuitry provides 55 precision mV/V output signals in five ranges of 11 settings each. When powered with a known regulated voltage, the calibrator can substitute for one or more transducers to check the calibration, linearity, sensitivity, or for general troubleshooting of an indicator, recorder, or a complete load or force measuring system. The Calibrator can also be used with a known dc or ac supply for checking and calibrating any millivolt or millivolt/volt instrument.


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