T3P2 Canister

  • Capacity range: 500 to 100K lb (227 to 45K kg)
  • Compact – rugged
  • Operational: –30° to +175°F
  • Low deflection
  • Environmentally sealed
  • FM and CSA approved

T3 type load cells, developed by BLH, are designed for various types of weighing and force measurement. Construction of the U3 and T3 load cell utilizes all of the advantages of SR-4&reg, strain gages. All cells are fabricated with high strength 'ring' type elements to provide an output signal of 3mV/V at rated capacity. Each cell is designed for minimum deflection and 150% safe overload without damage. U3G1 and U3G2 universal load cells are shipped with calibration data verifying accuracy in both tension and compression modes. U3G2 and T3P2 cells contain a second bridge. The second bridge can be used simultaneously with the first bridge for dual output or be reserved as a backup in case of failure.


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