PRO-Mount Weigh Module

  • Capacitiy range: 10K, 15K, 25K, 35K, 50K, and 75K lb (4.5K, 6.8K, 11.3K, 15.8K, 22.7K, and 34K kg)
  • Self-checking design allows for thermal expansion
  • Conduit adapter available (stainless steel modules)
  • Ideally suited for applications with high deadload-to-liveload ratios
  • Electroless nickel-plated load beam standard, welded stainless-steel load beam available
  • Sealed to IP67 standards
  • FM approved

PRO-Mount Weigh Modules are specifically engineered to meet the requirements of inventory and ingredient management weighing applications. Checkless design (no stay or check rods), low profile, and uniform bolt spacing simplify installation on new and existing vessels. An integral expansion assembly and temperature compensated full bridge transducer design, minimize temperature effects allowing accurate measurement indoors or out, in virtually any environment. Optional stainless steel, welded units are available for caustic or washdown environments. Stainless steel units also have an integral conduit adapter. PRO-Mount design considerations ensure an efficient balance between performance as a transducer and strength as a structural member when earthquake risk or wind resistance is a system factor. Sideloads of up to 100% full scale capacity, caused by vibration or other extraneous forces, virtually have no effect on weight measurement.


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