LCp-100 Instrument

  • 1 Million count resolution
  • 20 updates per second
  • Plug-n-Weigh, set-up for easy installation
  • Dynamic digital process filtering
  • Real time system & loop diagnostics
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The LCp-100 is a high performance weight indicator and transmitter with features and options focused on the requirements of precision, high-speed process weighing applications. It is compatible with all strain gage type load cells and is designed to easily connect to any PLC, DCS, or PC based process control system. Special design emphasis has been placed on simplicity, reliability, and expandability. Transmitter outputs offered include an RS-422/ 485 digital serial communication port, and 16 bit derived analog current output. Units are equipped with an expansion slot for installing a wide range of specialized digital interfaces such as DeviceNet, Profibus, AB Remote I/O, and Modbus Plus. The LCp-100 Safe-Weigh&reg, Software System encompasses over 50 years of BLH application expertise. Plug-n-Weigh&reg, quick calibration and setup procedures save time, money, and even field service calls. On-line diagnostics continuously monitor weigh system performance and alert service personnel to potential problems, before they happen.


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