KDH-3 Weigh Module

  • All Stainless Steel
  • 22.5, 45, and 112.5 klb capacities
  • Seismic and wind resistant self-checking design
  • Resistant to sideloads
  • Accommodates process dynamics and thermal expansion
  • Fault protected transducer excitation

KDH-3B Weigh Modules incorporate a cylindrical double-ended shear beam transducer that is highly resistant to measurement errors caused by process dynamics. The self checking mounting hardware is designed to meet both ANSI and ASCE structural requirements for wind and seismic applications, while allowing for vessel thermal expansion and contraction. Both the beam transducer and mounting hardware assembly are constructed entirely of hardened stainless steel. The mounting hardware is electropolished and the beam is sealed to IP67 for reliable use in sanitary and/or corrosive process environments. The KDH-3B ability to measure accurately in applications where thermal expansion and dynamic forces are present, make it very well suited for heated and agitated process weighing systems.


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