GLT Web Tension Transducer

  • Capacity range: 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500lb (9.1, 22.7, 45.4, 90.1, and 227kg)
  • Full Wheatstone bridge design eliminates drift and recalibration problems
  • Accommodates shaft misalignment up to 3 degrees Celsius
  • Rugged
  • compact size with high overload capability
  • Measures low resultant tension forces with small wrap angles
  • Scribe marked for precise alignment with resultant tension force
  • Wide range of operating tensions
  • Factory calibration eliminates need for on-site test weights
  • Simple installation with pillow block or frame mounting
  • Temperature compensated
  • FM and CSA approved

The BLH Nobel GLT transducers provide stable, accurate, and repeatable performance for low force web tension applications with a wide range of operating tensions, a small wrap angle, or a high roller weight to tension force ratio. Performance improves by 50% versus half bridge semiconductor type cells and drift is basically eliminated. Factory calibration, with closely matched output signals, eliminates field calibration and costly recalibration after the initial setup. Zero and span settings remain stable for tension forces operating at the low end of wide rangeability applications. Scribe marks allow for quick alignment of the GLT with the resultant tension force. Both frame (standard) and optional pillow block mounting configurations are available for dead shaft roller assemblies. GLT series transducers for low-force web tension applications use a differential bending beam transducer with a full Wheatstone bridge for excellent stability, temperature, and performance specifications. Transducers are constructed of stainless steel for durability in corrosive environments. Each unit can be rotated to measure the resultant tension force, not just a component of the force. The full bridge electrical output of each unit is calibrated within a tolerance of better than 0.25%. When coupled with BLH Nobel instrumentation, system calibration can be accomplished without using dead weights or other sources of known force. Zero and span settings also remain stable for tension forces operating at the low end of wide rangeability applications. Applications: Converting Equipment Winders/unwinders/rewinders Coaters/laminators Printing presses


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