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Type T Corrosion Diaphragm Seals

M&G T Series diaphragm seals have a molded TFE TEFLON® diaphragm making them ideally suited for a wide range of process media, especially for applications involving corrosive media..

Type T Series diaphragm seals employ diaphragms retained between two bolted members. In the clean-out design, the diaphragms are situated between the top and middle ring. In the plain design, the diaphragms are located between the top and bottom. The diaphragm is self-retained in the upper housing for easy repair or replacement. This extends the life of the seal element and allows for easy replacement and service. The interior of upper housing of the metal seal is contoured to accommodate the movement of the diaphragm at maximum deflection, while minimizing distortion.

Type T seal elements have a volumetric displacement of .40 cubic inches.

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