T2P1 Canister

  • Capacity range: 20000 to 100000lb (9072 to 45360kg)
  • Tension service
  • Operational: –30° to +175°F
  • Low deflection
  • Environmentally sealed
  • FM and CSA approved

T2P1 load cells, developed by BLH, are designed for various types of weighing and force measurement. T2P1 load cell construction uses all the advantages of SR-4&reg, strain gages. T2P1 Load Cells are fabricated with high strength 'column type' elements that provide output signals of 2mV/V at rated capacity. Each cell is designed for minimum deflection and maximum safe overload during periods of full capacity tension. Double diaphragm fabrication and gage linearizing combine to offer precision performance and long term reliability. Low deflection and superior sealing guarantee trouble-free operation. Relatively low mass and small deflection under load, produce excellent frequency response. Overall, T2P1 cells perform superbly in many environments where other transducers cannot.


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