T200-Combustible Gas

  • The register card employs a microprocessor-based technique and an easy-to-operate human-machine interface;
  • Real-time display alarm & fault channel;
  • Complete alarm function, both warning set point A1 and alarm set point A2 can be set independently;
  • Besides two contacts output of concentration and fault & alarm, another set of common alarm contact output is also available;
  • Features a 4~20mA analog signal output that is in relevant to the field gas concentration;
  • Features alarm log and fault log functions;
  • Features a RS485(Modbus)output.
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The T200 combustible gas monitor is a microprocessor-based intelligent controller with outstanding performance and complete alarm function. The T200, together with our point combustible gas detectors (transmitters) like GT-CT8900, Ultra IR800,etc. can form a combustible gas detection & alarm system to continuously monitor leakage of combustible gases or vapors in the environment.

The T200 combustible gas monitor consists of a chassis (including the register card), control cards and a power supply(optional). The control card is to connect various detectors (see T200-C control card materials for details) in the field by different wiring methods.

The T200 combustible gas monitor features a multi-channel and plug-in structure and a 16-channel(loop) type. This controller has been approved by designated authorities and conforms to the GB16808-2008.


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