RFS-4 Rolling Mill System

  • Prevent mill overloading
  • Increase roll life
  • Control product quality
  • Zero tracking with manual override
  • Local and remote indication
  • Easy retroit for existing mills
  • Direct replacement for RFS-3 and Model 56000 systems from BLH Nobel
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Rolling mill separation forces are measured accurately and conveniently with the RFS-4 system. Extensometers on the mill posts or load cells in the screw provide an electrical signal proportional to the mill separation force. A G4 instrument with tailor-made software reads signals from both sides of the mill and ampliies them. The G4 has up to 8 channels to provide accurate and reliable information on sum (total), difference (work-drive), work total, and drive total values that can be displayed on the graphic color display. Analog signal outputs for each value are available on the rear panel rack terminals. Separate relay outputs are provided for “Metal in the Mill” and “Mill Overload” conditions.


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